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How Can I Route a Approval email Based on the Category?

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Last updated: 21 Apr, 2015


Is it possible to specify who receives 'Aprove Request'  emails based on the category in which the submitted article is posted?


Yes, you do this by assigning a supervisor for the category.

To assign a supervisor:

  • Log in as an admin user
  • Select the Articles menu
  • Choose the Categories tab
  • Click on Feedback Subjects
  • Edit a category (or add a new one)
  • Click on the Supervisor folder icon to add new supervisor
  • This brings up a list of users to select from
  • If the user is not yet in the list, add the user
  • Once your user is in the list click Assign
  • This brings you back to the Category screen. The name of the person who is to receive emails is now listed in the Supervisor field
  • Click Save.

When you return to the Category listing screen the name of the supervisor is listed for the category.

Article ID: 363
Last updated: 21 Apr, 2015
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