What is KBPublisher?

KBPublisher is a knowledge base which allows you to share information with employees, customers and partners.

KBPublisher quick add A fully featured knowledge base that combines powerful WYSIWYG editing with easy to use functionality
KBPublisher quick add Unique design and workflow enables you to create and approve articles and files before they are made available to other users
KBPublisher quick add The separate File feature means that your existing documentation can be easily inserted
KBPublisher quick add Can be integrated into your company intranet or internet
KBPublisher quick add Repeatable, reusable content through templates, file attachments and categories
KBPublisher quick add KBPublisher is highly customizable
KBPublisher quick add Full control of users, what they can do, and what they can see
KBPublisher quick add Can be configured to work in almost any language
KBPublisher quick add Import facility allows you to import users and articles from your old system in bulk
KBPublisher quick add Remote authentication allows you to integrate your current user authentication system with KB Publisher.
KBPublisher quick add An area to post announcements
KBPublisher quick add Subscription facility allows users to be notified of changes
KBPublisher quick add Version history that allows you to keep track of changes to articles
KBPublisher quick add Export facility allows you to export articles or whole knowledgebase to PDF or HTML
KBPublisher quick add Reports that provide statistics on users and articles

Public area

Where site visitors, staff read articles, view files, supply/request feedback

KBPublisher navigation gives you quick access to:

Administration area

Where staff create, edit and publish articles, upload files, moderate the knowledgebase and manage users

Where those who prepare and approve the content:

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