Add a Local File

When you want to add files to the knowledgebase, you can upload files from your local computer, or you can link to files that are already on your server or files located on Amazon S3 server. In KBPublisher such files are known as "local files". If the file already exists on the server it saves space to reference it rather than uploading a second copy specifically for the knowledgebase.

By adding a reference to a file that may be also be available through your corporate website or some other site (forms, disclaimers, fair-use and privacy policies, product disclosure statements, catalogues, printable manuals, and so on) you can make the knowledgebase richer and more useful without taking up additional space.

To add a local file (a reference to a file already on your server):


Complete the form's fields:

When the form is complete, click Add files to add the files to the list on the Files tab.

If you have the correct permissions, you can add the files as drafts. Click Save as Drafts to add the files to the list on the Drafts tab. Use this option for files that you do not want to publish yet, or for files that require further review or approval before becoming available. 


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Last updated: 22 Oct, 2021
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