What are article templates?

Templates have two functions in KBPublisher--to standardize article design and to add boilerplate text.

To standardize design

Suppose you want each page in your knowledgebase to have three headings: 'Introduction', 'Steps' and 'Conclusion'. The 'Steps' section should be a simple bulleted list. You want all your authors to keep to the same format so you set up a template and ask them to create articles using that template

Or maybe you run a Help Desk. Rather than simply have users type their problem into a free-format article field, you can set up a form template and ask them to fill it in.

KBPublisher ships with four standard Article templates:

The default template is the base template. You do not need to specify it.

If you do specify a template, you can:

Boilerplate text

If you find yourself continually typing the same content over and over again, you can use templates to simplify the work.

Maybe you need to add a disclaimer at the bottom of each page. The disclaimer is exactly the same on every page, and you don't want the bother of typing it in every time. A template saves time typing the disclaimer initially, but your legal people keep changing it. You don't want the hassle of changing every page. Not to worry. You can include a template. If the disclaimer changes, then all you have to do is change the template and the next time someone views the page they will see the correct disclaimer

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