Articles are saved automatically at intervals.  

For example, suppose you are called away from your desk in the middle of creating a new article. You don't expect to be away long, so you don't save. An hour later you come back to your desk to find your session has timed out.  All that work lost.

Not quite.

Provided the administrator has turned autosave on, you can get your changes up to the last time the article was autosaved.

If you have not yet saved the article

If you were creating a new article and had not yet saved it, you can see it on the Articles tab

If you are editing an existing article

If you open an existing article for editing and for some reason the article was not saved correctly, or an error occurs on the save, then when you next open the article for editing you will see the following message:

Autosave message

Article ID: 320
Last updated: 05 May, 2021
Revision: 7
User Manual v7.5 -> Articles -> Articles -> Autosave