Approve or Reject a Draft

A workflow may assign the draft of an article or file to you for review. You can:

To see the drafts assigned to you, select Articles or Files from the main menu and then select the Drafts tab:

The colors in the article's Status column indicate the article's status. The options are:

Review a draft

To review a draft, select a draft with a "waiting for approval" status indicator, click the [...actions icon in the draft's last column and select Review. The review screen appears:

Click Preview to display the article or file in a pop-up window so you can evaluate the material.

In the example above, the current reviewer can

Note: A user with admin privileges can approve or reject a draft at any stage in the workflow process, whether or not the draft is assigned to the admin.

Add or remove an assignee

The Assignee section of the Review screen lists those who are assigned to review the draft.

You can remove all assignees from the list.

Review the log

The bottom part of the Review screen shows the workflow log. The author, reviewers, and admins can add comments when they are submitting, approving, or rejecting drafts, and the comments are available in this log.

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