Authentication session stops too often


Authentication session times out too often or too quickly, or the user can't log in at all and sees the message, "Due to extended inactivity your session has expired."


Try below options one by one.

  1. Update session lifetime.
    Go to Admin -> Admin, find setting "Session expires (in minutes)".
    Increase the number of minutes. It defaults to 60 minutes. A value of 0 means "until the browser is closed."

    Also make sure session.cookie_lifetime (Default: 0) is greater than the above setting or is set to 0.
    - session.cookie_lifetime specifies the lifetime of the cookie, in seconds, that is sent to the browser.
    - Note that session.cookie_lifetime is specified in seconds, but Session expires is specified in minutes.

  2. Set KBPublisher not to check IP address on authentication.
    It could be that your IP address changed during the session.
    To disable IP checking in file /kbp_dir/admin/, set $conf['auth_check_ip'] = 0;
  3. Make sure your session path directory and has enough space.
    Run php info and find the variable session.save_path. See this article how to run php info.
  4. Change session.auto_start to 0.
    If you can't log in at all, run php info and find the variable session.auto_start. See this article how to run php info.
    If session.auto_start is set to 1, change it to 0.

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