Search engine friendly URLs

What is a search engine friendly URL?

KBPublisher records are stored in a database. When you wish to read an article, KBPublisher sends a request to the database to get this record for you. This request is usually sent as a query string, and in its native form it looks something like:

This works well to get the record back, but most search engines, Google excepted, will not index pages with question marks (?) or ampersands (&) in the name.

To get around this, we use a search engine friendly URL. This converts the query to something more like:


which contains only characters that search engines recognize, and therefore will the record will be found by the search engine.

Not only that, when sending a link to someone else, it makes a lot more sense, and is a lot less error prone, to send a link than to send http://yoursitename/kb/index.php?view=entry&entryID=90.

How do I set up a search engine friendly URL?

You have four options:


Article ID: 90
Last updated: 21 Sep, 2012
Revision: 3
User Manual v7.0 -> Settings -> Search engine friendly URLs