Customizing Public Area

KBPublisher can be extensively customized and you can get some spectacular results if you want to design your own site.

The default format of the KBPublisher Public Area is:

  1. The standard header is controlled by the Header field.
    Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Header

You can:

If no header is assigned, a header is controlled by the Header title field.
Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Header title

  1. Likewise, the left menu is standard. The menu is controlled by the View Format field which is under Look & Feel.
    Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> View Format

The menu choices are either Browseable, Left Menu or Intranet

  1. Directly under the header are menu options and a breadcrumb trail.

The menu options, which are extra links that can be included in the menu, are displayed first. For example, you might want to include a "Home" link if the knowledgebase is part of a larger site.

The menus are controlled by the Extra links in navigation field.
Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Extra items in navigation 

To include extra links, click the [...] button and you can manage extra links.
The breadcrumb trail is displayed after any extra links. It reflects the article you are currently viewing in the knowledgebase.

  1. Site modules/Menu items.

The menu options are extra links in navigation menu.

The menus are controlled by the Site modules/Menu items field.
Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Site modules/Menu items

To manage menu items, click [...].

  1. This area will change depending on "Page Design" settings.
    Settings -> Public Area -> Page Design.

In the "Page Design" section you can manage built-in blocks, add custom blocks, and organize blocks on the grid.

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