Import articles

You can import articles in bulk.
You might want to do this, say, if you are changing over to KBPublisher from another system.

The process is:

Create a file of articles to import

First, you need to create your file of articles. This is a comma-separated (CSV) text file that consists of some or all of: title, body, date_posted, id, author_id, updater_id, meta_keywords, meta_description, entry_type, external_link, date_updated, hits, sort_order, private and an active flag.

Field Type/size M/O Comments
title text M
body mediumtext M
date_posted datetime O Format 0000-00-00 00:00:00
id int(10) O Record ID. If this record ID already exists in the database KBPublisher will skip the record. It will not overwrite an existing ID.
author_id int(10) O If not supplied, the user currently logged in and importing the articles is set as the author.
updater_id int(10) O If not supplied, the user currently logged in and importing the articles is set as the updater.
meta_keywords text O Format should be the same as if you are adding the keywords in add new article.
meta_description text O
entry_type tinyint(3) O Type.
external_link text O
date_updated timestamp O Defaults to time imported to knowledgebase.
hits int(10) O Defaults to 0.
active tinyint(1) O Defaults to 1.

Create a test file

Don't try to upload the whole file without testing it first. If something goes wrong you may then have to delete all those half-imported articles and try again. Create a test file and run that first.

Import the test file

You are now ready to import the test file to KBPublisher.

On completion of the load, you will see a message at the top of the Import Articles screen telling you how many files were imported successfully and how many were skipped.

Fix any problems

All going well, you should now have three new articles in your knowledgebase. Check them carefully and ensure that everything worked as you expected. If you had problems, delete these three articles, fix the test file and run it again. Keep fine-tuning until it works, and then update the real file to match the fixes you made in the test file.
You are now ready to import the rest of the articles.

Import articles

Import the rest of the articles using the same process as for the test file, only this time using the real data file.


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Last updated: 25 Sep, 2023
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