Export Articles to CVS, Excel or XML

To find the Export Articles tab, select Export from the menu bar. Then select Export Articles from the three tabs available:

Export Articles tab

What does export articles do?

The Export Articles tab lets you export the articles and information about the articles, in spreadsheet form. You could then review and work with the material in Excel or any other spreadsheet tool, or use the file to import the data into a database.

To manage your exports

The tab displays a list of your export templates. Click the Action button to the right of an entry for the action options:

To create a new export template

To create a new export template, click Add new to open the Export options form. Complete the form to export the articles you want, and the metadata about them you select.

Click Save to save this template; click Save and Generate to save the template and generate files in the formats you have selected with the required data; click Cancel to close the form without creating a template.

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Last updated: 14 Dec, 2015
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User Manual v7.5 -> Exporting -> Export Articles to CVS, Excel or XML