Creating or editing a workflow

To locate your workflows, select Tools from the menu bar and then select the Workflows tab. 

You can create your own workflow from scratch, or copy an existing workflow and adapt it to your needs. You can create or edit a workflow for either articles or files.

The workflow form appears, with blank fields if it is for a new workflow and with the existing information if you are editing or copying an existing workflow.

Note: you can't edit an active workflow. First change the workflow's status to "inactive" and then open it for editing. When you have completed the edits, you can change the status back to "active".

Complete the fields in the form:

Click Save to save the workflow and add it to the active or inactive list.
Click Cancel to abandon your edit and close the form.

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Last updated: 21 Jul, 2019
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User Manual v8.0 -> Tools -> Workflows -> Creating or editing a workflow