The Must Read Report Explained

The Must Read Report lets you review which articles are set as required reading, who has confirmed reading them and when, and who has not confirmed reading.

You can filter the display to simplify finding what you want. The Report Filter is on the left of the screen, and you can use one or all of these filter conditions:

Click Filter to display filtered search results. If there are no results, your search may be too restrictive: remove or relax one filter and click Filter again.

To see details about one Must Read use, choose Details from popup menu on the right.

Details View

The details view displays detailed information about Must Read items, such as Must Read details, and a list of users along with dates when they were notified and when they confirmed.  

Export Reports

You can export the views data for the documents you selected. See Export Reports.

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Last updated: 22 Oct, 2021
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