The Lists Tab Explained

The Lists tab under the Tools menu allows you to:

Article and file statuses

KBPublisher has three default article and file statuses: Published, Not published and Outdated.

Use the Lists tab to add new statuses and modify existing ones. You control:

Add new article status tells you how to add a new status for an article.

Article types

Article types are used to group records for searching, to provide default template for the articles and to control the display of the type.
Add new article type explains how to create new article types.

User statuses

KBPublisher has four default user statuses: Active, Pending (approval required), Not active / Suspended and Unconfirmed.

Use the Lists tab to create new user statuses and modify existing ones. You control:

Feedback subjects

There is an option on the Ask a Question screen that allows the user to specify a feedback subject from a drop-down list. You define these feedback subjects on the Lists tab. You control:

Article feedback status

Rating comments have four intially-defined statuses: New, Ignore, In progress and Processed.  You control:

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