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Last updated: 2 Jul, 2015

Articles, files, users, rating comments and feedback comments all have default statuses.  For example, there are four default article statuses: published, pending, draft and not published.

You don't have to stay with these statuses, you can create your own:

  • From the Tools menu choose the Lists tab
  • Click on Articles (or Files, or Users, or Rating Comments or Feedback)
  • Choose Add New

You must include:

  • A title. This is the status name. e.g. In review.

You can also add:

  • A description, an explanation of what this status is used for.
  • A color that is displayed with the status on article summary and list screens.
  • Whether or not this status is published. If you check this box, then users will be able to read articles of this status. If you do not check this box, then only authors, editors, moderators and administrators can read the article.
  • The order of this item in the status list. This defaults to 1, which places the new status at the top of the list.
  • Whether or not the status is active. If the status is not active, then you will not able to assign this status to article.


  • Click Save.
Article ID: 138
Last updated: 2 Jul, 2015
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