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KBPublisher is packed with powerful, easy-to-use features. Even non-technical users can create rich content without spending time you don't have to learn design and publishing skills.

General Features

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Unlimited content
  • Access from any browser or any computer
  • Mobile View is specially optimized for mobile devices
  • Able to control who sees which areas/articles
  • Remote authentication of users, LDAP authentication
  • Custom Fields
  • Workflows
  • Automations

Visitor Features

  • View articles and files
  • View related articles
  • Send to Friend feature
  • Comment on articles
  • Rate articles
  • Search for articles
  • View glossary terms
  • View most recent
  • View most popular
  • Ask questions or send feedback
  • Quick response to feedback
  • Export to PDF


  • Provide unlimited categories and levels for your content
  • Visual text editor for adding / modifying articles
  • Built-in image upload wizard
  • Secure articles that can be read by registered users only
  • Secure articles that can be read only by users with nominated roles
  • Display articles in multiple categories
  • Use filters to refine search results
  • Simple article workflow
  • Add attachments to your articles
  • Build content using templates
  • Article history
  • Autosaving


  • Upload files to knowledge base
  • Files are searchable
  • Users can view them
  • Can attach files to articles
  • Bulk add files on server


  • Unlimited user privileges
  • Roles and privileges control which articles users can see and whether they must log on first
  • Works with browsers from any location
  • Easily switch between public and administration views
  • Workflow allows you to control when users can see articles


  • Easily change the look and feel of the knowledge base through css files
  • Easily wrap existing designs around the knowledge base

Uses for KBPublisher

  • Knowledge base
  • Help Desk
  • FAQs
  • Provide support for your products
  • Policies and procedures
  • Project documents and other content
  • Training materials
  • Shared company information