Knowledge Base
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  • Admin area
    The part of the knowledgebase where you create articles, manage users and design the site. Users must log in with administrator, moderator, editor, author or contributor access to see this area.
  • Antiword
    A program that extracts text from Word 2003 files. At KBPublisher, we use these extracts for searching.
  • Article block
    The action block in the top right-hand corner of the article that you see when you are viewing an article.
  • Article ID
    The record number the article or file is stored under in the database.
  • catdoc
    A program that extracts text from Word 2003 files. At KBPublisher, we use these extracts for searching.
  • Category
    The area of the knowledgebase where the reader can find the article or file, and items related to it.
  • cron
    The program that runs scheduled tasks on the server.
  • Document root
    Web server directories start at what is called the document root (or default directory). This is where you put your home pageIt is accessible by web visitors.
  • edit icon
     The paintbrush under Actions. Select this to edit an item.
  • full server path_disabled
    The file path on the server that hosts your site.  You can find your full server path by:
    • Log in to the Admin Area
    • Click the Settings menu
    • Choose Admin tab
    • The file path can be found in the HTML editor file directory setting, if you remove the kbp_upload/ at the end.
    A program that creates PDF and HTML files.
  • KBPublisher installation directory
    The directory where KBPublisher is installed. By default, this is kb. If you're not sure what your KBPublisher installation directory is, look at the address line on your KBPublisher home page. Your installation directory is the directory after your domain name. For example, the address line on our KBPublisher home page is Our installation directory is therefore kb.
  • Modified Files package
    A modified files package lets you replace files that have changed in KBPublisher, rather than doing a full upgrade. In the package we provide you with a list of modified files to replace and you copy the new files over the old ones. It's a much quicker way of doing an upgrade when the changes are not structural.
  • Plugin
    An add-on module that you can purchase separately from KBPublisher.
  • Privilege
    Controls user access.
  • Public Area
    This is the 'reader' view of the knowledgebase. Users do not have to log in to see the Public Area, although they may have to log in to read articles if you have set your knowledgebase up that way. The other view is the Admin Area. Users must log in with admin, moderator, editor, author or contributor permissions to see the Admin Area.
  • Role
    Users can be assigned "roles", which then control which articles they see in the knowledgebase.
  • xpdf
    A program that extracts text from PDF files. At KBPublisher, we use these extracts for searching.