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KBPublisher release 6.0.1 is available!
03 Jul, 2017
We are proud to announce that the latest version of KBPublisher 6.0.1, is now available. To find out more, please read version 6.0.1 release notes. The KBPublisher Team

Featured Articles
How can I show different content for different users?
QUESTION: Is it possible to create "user areas"? We would like our customer A to see all our general documentation plus articles specific to company A, customer B to see all general documentation plus articles specific to company B (but not A) and so on. ANSWER: Yes, this is possible. You do...
26 Apr, 2013

Recent Articles
Link to another article (related articles)
To embed a link to an article Add or edit the article to which you wish to add the link Highlight the text to be linked Click on the plus icon...
16 Aug, 2017
Article history
KBPublisher keeps a history of all changes you make to the content of an article. You can view earlier versions and compare them against the current...
14 Aug, 2017
Update an article
There are two ways to get to the update article screen. One way is to: Choose Articles menu Click on the Articles tab Click the Options icon...
14 Aug, 2017
Import users
You can import users in bulk. You might want to do this if you are changing over to KBPublisher from an old system, or if you have signed up a new...
09 Aug, 2017
Article comments
SaComments allow readers to give feedback on articles. You can read comments in the public view, or if you have admin access you can also see them...
07 Aug, 2017

Most Viewed
Add an Article Template
To add a new article template Click on the Articles menu Choose the Article Template tab Click on Add New. Once you are on the article...
27 Oct, 2014
Using templates in articles
The different ways you can add templates A template is a piece of content (text and pictures and other media) that you can place into other...
01 Aug, 2017
Installing KBPublisher
The easiest way to install KBPublisher is to use the installation wizard. The install script is extremely simple. The only action required on your...
13 Dec, 2013
What is KBPublisher?
KBPublisher is a knowledge base which allows you to share information with employees, customers and partners. A fully featured...
03 Jun, 2013
System Requirements
KBPublisher has minimal requirements and should work on any modern server. Client Side: Operating System: Windows, Mac or Linux Web Browser:...
04 Apr, 2017