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Add a glossary item

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Last updated: 1 Feb, 2015

The glossary gives your readers quick definitions or explanations of words or phrases important to your application, but which the reader might not know.

There are two ways to add a glossary item:

  1. Click the Add icon Add icon at the top right of the Admin screen and select Glossary item.
  2. On the Articles tab select the Glossary sub-tab, then click the Add new button.

Either method displays the Add new form. Provide the required information for the new item:

  • Word/phrase - This is the word or phrase that may puzzle your reader. This text will be highlighted in red in articles. 
  • Definition - Explain the word or phrase. In an article, the definition appears in a yellow box when the reader clicks a word highlighted in red.

There are two optional settings:

  • Highlight once - Select to have the word or phrase highlighted only the first time it appears in an article. Repeated highlighting may make the article more difficult to read.
  • Published - This is selected by default. De-select to have this item not display in the glossary.

Click Save to save the new item. Click Cancel to abandon your edits and close the form. Click Preview to see how the item will appear.

Article ID: 60
Last updated: 1 Feb, 2015
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