Knowledge Base
What is Knowledge Base
A knowledge base is a compilation of structured information with the purpose of helping people identify and solve issues through content searching and retrieval or be informed about the product or...
3 Oct, 2018
User licensing explained
We often get asked how licensing works with respect to users and why we say you can have as many readers as you like. Privileges KBPublisher licenses are based around privileges. There are five...
29 Apr, 2016
How you can use knowledge base
The knowledge base can be used in a variety of cases. It is possible to store absolutely any kind of information in it. The knowledge base can be aimed at external or internal audiences and can serve...
7 Dec, 2020
How to organize your knowledge base
Before you start creating a knowledge base, it is very important to think through its structure. In this article, we will look at the main issues that need to be carefully considered for the...
7 Dec, 2020
Corporate knowledge base
The main goal of a corporate knowledge base is to reduce time and labor costs spent in performing typical tasks. A knowledge base is a convenient and accessible collection of working information...
26 Jan, 2021