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API Overview

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Last updated: 03 Dec, 2013

The KBPublisher API is designed to allow you to integrate KBPublisher with other applications. These may be desktop or web based, back office or for the public.

API Design

The KBPublisher API is an HTTP based API, meaning that all interactions take place over standard HTTP. For example, GET requests are used to retrieve information and POST requests to submit information.

The API supports 2 different types of return values: XML or JSON. Depending on what client application you're accessing the API from one return format may be easier to use than another. For instance, if you're accessing the API from a javascript library using JSON will be easiest as JSON is javascript. For a desktop client using the API, XML is likely best since that will be the easiest to parse and display. The default return type is JSON.

Access to API resources

Access and allowed actions depend on roles and privileges assigned to user. The same rules applied as in KBPublisher web interface. For example if user who make a API request does not have access to certain articles in web interface then in API these articles never been returned for this user. 
For API authentication Public and Private keys are required, each user has his own unique keys. 

Article ID: 387
Last updated: 03 Dec, 2013
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