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Article types as templates

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Last updated: 09 Mar, 2008

Another form of template is the article type.

Each article can be assigned a 'type'. Your knowledgebase might contain, for example, the following types:

  • Procedures which contain a short summary, plus some steps
  • Screen images, with an explanation of each field on the screen
  • Common error messages showing the error number, the message, and an explanation of what it means.

You can use article types to set up a base template for each type of article. For example, the Procedures type may contain one heading called Summary, and another called Steps with a numbered list below it, while the Error Messages type contains three headings: Error No, Error Message and Explanation. Set up your article types templates with these headings.

When you create a new article, choose the appropriate type from the Type drop-down list, and the headings are automatically included in the article. All you need to do then is fill in the blanks.

Article ID: 141
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2008
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