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Change RSS feed from single feed to separate category feeds

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Last updated: 3 Mar, 2017

By default, your knowledgebase is set up to display a single RSS feed for the whole knowledgebase. You may, however, want to change this. You might want to turn it off altogether. Or you might want to change it so that each top-level category has its own feed.

Separate feeds are useful when your users are only interested in information about specific categories. For example,suppose your knowledgebase was about internet browsers. You have three main categories: Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Safari. People who use Sahara are not interested in anything IE or Firefox related, they are only interested articles pertinent to Sahara. Likewise, Firefox users do not generally use Internet Explorer. In this case, a separate feed for each top category is ideal.

You require administrator access to do this.

  • Click on Settings menu
  • Choose the Public Area -> Common tab
  • Go to the section titled RSS Feeds at the bottom of the screen
  • In the Generate RSS feeds field choose Channel for every top category
  • Click Save to implement the changes.

Even when this is turned on, a user can still subscribe to the single feed if they wish to.


Articles designated as "private" are not shown in the RSS feed.
Article ID: 93
Last updated: 3 Mar, 2017
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