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Last updated: 28 Mar, 2013

Scheduling an article, news or file allows you to set a date that the item is made visible to users in your knowledgebase and/or a date that it stops being visible.

For example, suppose your company is closed for the Christmas/new year holiday period—say it is closed from 12 noon on 24 December and re-opens at 9 am on the 2nd of January.

  • You add a news item to say that you will be closed over this period. When you create it (on 18 December, say), you set its status to "Not Published"
  • You schedule this news item to change status to "Published" at 12 noon on 24 December, and to change status again to "Not Published" at 9am on 2 January.

Or suppose you have a new software release being implemented. You can create new articles for the new functionality in the software before the release. Give these articles a status of 'Not published', and then schedule them to be published on the assigned release date.

To schedule the item:

  • Create or edit the article, file or news
  • If you are scheduling an article, click on the Advanced tab (you don't need to do this for files or news items)
  • Check Yes to the Schedule option
  • This expands the Schedule options

    KBPublisher schedule status change
  • Add a date and time to the On the Date fields to set the date and time that the item is to change status
  • Use the Change Status To for  dertermining whether the item is to be published or not published. (Articles have two further statuses, pending and draft.)
  • Add a Note to explain why this item was scheduled on this date.  Use it as a reminder or as a record of what happened.

If you wish, you can set a second date and time to change to another status:

  • Check the And checkbox
  • This brings up a second set of date and status options

    KBPublisher schedule two status changes
  • Add a date and time to the second On the Date fields to set the date and time that the item is to change status
  • Use the second Change Status To for  assigning the new status
  • Add a second note if required.

Items that are scheduled have a small clock next to the article/file/news ID on the list screens.

KBPublisher schedules


  • You can also use bulk actions to schedule or remove schedules.

This functionality works in version 3.5 and above

Article ID: 251
Last updated: 28 Mar, 2013
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