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Unable to export test file

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Last updated: 6 Mar, 2012

Error message/code:

Unable to export test file. HTMLDOC exits with the code (1 - HTMLDOC(13501) INFO: HTMLDOC 1.8.27 starting in CGI mode... )


Starting with v1.8.24, HTMLDOC now provides a native "CGI" mode which allows it to handle HTML-to-PDF conversion requests directly. This mode may cause problems with some scripting language as PHP.


To disable the CGI mode, set the HTMLDOC_NOCGI environment variable before invoking the HTMLDOC program using the following command:
You can set this environment variable in .htaccess file or globally in your httpd.conf file (for Apache) or in the system environment (for IIS).

Article ID: 337
Last updated: 6 Mar, 2012
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