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Bulk update comments, rating comments and feedback

Article ID: 312
Last updated: 09 Feb, 2011

KBPublisher allows you to bulk update feedback, comments and rating comments to:

  • Set a status 
  • Delete 

You can do this direct from the Feedback menu, and choose the appropriate tab.

Bulk update comments

To set the status of a comment or a rating comment:

  • Click on the approriate tab
  • Check one or more comment to update
  • Choose the appropriate action from the drop down list of actions with selected
  • This brings up further options to select from according to the action chosen. Choose the appropriate selection
  • Click OK.


  • Bulk actions available depend on your user access.
    For example if your privilege does not allow you to delete comments then there is no 'Delete' action in the list of options.

Article ID: 312
Last updated: 09 Feb, 2011
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