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Subscribe to RSS feed

Article ID: 83
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2010

KBPublisher produces an RSS feed which users can subscribe to by:

  • Click on the RSS feed image at the bottom of the screen ( RSS)
  • This brings up a list of all feeds available.

    If KBPublisher is using default settings, there will only be one option available--Knowledgebase RSS.
    If multiple feeds are set up, this list will also include a feed for each top-level category.

    KBPublisher quick add
  • Click on the RSS feed image to the right of the feed you wish to subscribe to to bring up the RSS page.
  • Click on Subscribe to this feed

    KBPublisher quick add
  • If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), choose the RSS feed directory (Create In) where you wish the feed to be displayed and click Subscribe.
  • If you are using Firefox, select the application under which you wish to read the feed from the Subscribe to this feed using list and click Subscribe now.  

Note: Articles designated as 'private' are not shown in the RSS feed.

Article ID: 83
Last updated: 09 Mar, 2010
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