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Last updated: 01 Feb, 2017

Use automations (automated tasks) to check your content regularly and perform certain actions as needed. You can make sure your articles are up to date, and alert staff to review them when they are not. You can let authors know when articles have been approved for publication, or let managers know when articles are ready for review.

To access your automations, select Tools from the menu bar. Then select the Automations sub-tab.

Essential facts for automations

  • Automations are time-based: they act when a time-based event occurs, such as the time since an article was edited exceeding a specified maximum time.
  • Automations run daily, at midnight.
  • An automation must contain a condition that is true only once, or an action that nullifies at least one of the conditions; otherwise, the automation will run daily, possibly sending unwanted duplicate alerts every time it runs.
Article ID: 418
Last updated: 01 Feb, 2017
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