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Manage Automations

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Last updated: 28 Jul, 2019

To access your automations, select Tools from the menu bar. Then select the Automations sub-tab:

The tab displays both your active and inactive automations for either articles or files. Switch between the Articles and Files tabs to see all existing automations. If the list is long, enter a keyword in the Filter field to display just the automations that have that keyword in their titles. To restore the full list, remove all text from the Filter field.

For each automation, you can click the button in the Action column and select an action to perform:

  • Change status - Select to change the status of the automation from active to inactive, or  from inactive to active. A confirmation message appears to make sure you want to change this status.
  • Duplicate - Make a copy of the automation that you can then edit. This helps you quickly create automations that are similar to existing ones.
  • Edit - Edit the automation. See Creating or editing an automation.
  • Delete - Select to delete the automation. A confirmation message appears to confirm you want to do this.

Add an Automation

To create a new automation, click Add new. See Creating or editing an automation.


To change the display and execution order of the automations:

  • Click the button with three dots [...] in the top right corner.
  • Choose Reorder from the popup menu.
  • Rearrange the articles by dragging and dropping them in the results list.
  • Click Save.
Article ID: 408
Last updated: 28 Jul, 2019
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