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Bulk Add or Update Tags

Article ID: 372
Last updated: 4 Nov, 2014

To bulk add or update tags, log on to the Admin Area

  1. If you are updating:
  • an article's tags, click on the Articles menu
  • a file's tags, click on the Files menu
  • a news' tags, click on the News menu
  1. Choose Set Tags from the Actions with selected drop-down
  • a second drop-down will display the following options:

Remove any tags:

  • Choose Remove all tags from the second drop-down box
  • Click OK

Add tags:

  • Choose Add to existing to add tags and not remove existing ones or Replace existing to remove old tags and assign new ones 
  • Click Add a tag
  • Assign tags from choosing existing ones or add your own tags
  • Click OK to save the change
Article ID: 372
Last updated: 4 Nov, 2014
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