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Add News Item

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Last updated: 27 Oct, 2014

The quickest way to add a news item to use the Shortcuts menu at the top of your screen:

  • Click on the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen and choose Add News .

Or you can do it via the News tab in the Admin Area.

  • Click on the News menu
  • Click on Add New.

Once you are on the news screen you must complete the following sections:

  • Add a Date for your news item
  • Add a Title. This is the heading displayed on the public screen
  • Type your news item in the Body editing box
  • Specify whether the news item is Published or not.

The following items are optional:

  • To force users to log on to read the news item, mark it as Private
  • To publish or change to not published at a future date, Schedule it

You can find out more about each of these fields and how they work in The News Screen Explained.

Once your news item is complete:

  • Click Save.

This functionality works in version 3.5 and above

Article ID: 241
Last updated: 27 Oct, 2014
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