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How you can use knowledge base

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Last updated: 7 Dec, 2020

The knowledge base can be used in a variety of cases. It is possible to store absolutely any kind of information in it. The knowledge base can be aimed at external or internal audiences and can serve different purposes depending on the audience. Common needs met by using a knowledge base include:

  • Customer support
  • Knowledge exchange within the company
  • Business promotion

Customer support

The most popular use case for a knowledge base is customer support.

Many users prefer to solve problems by themselves, without contacting the support service personally by phone or through the system for processing requests by e-mail. In this case, a well-structured and clearly written knowledge base makes it easier to find the information they need, and reduces the time spent by the client to find a solution to the problem. This significantly reduces the number of calls to the company's support service.

The knowledge base works around the clock and seven days a week. If you have clients living in a different time zone, country, or continent, then the important information stored in the knowledge base will be available at any time, even outside of your usual business hours.

Knowledge exchange within the company

A knowledge base can be a convenient tool for sharing knowledge within each department of the company.

Centralized data storage helps the company’s employees not to miss or lose all-important information.

A knowledge base helps optimize business processes. For each work issue, you can develop a scheme of worked out actions, then approve it and place it in the knowledge base. Employees can go to the knowledge base and receive a ready-made procedure for actions on a particular case.

A knowledge base allows you to speed up learning for new employees. You can use the knowledge base to store regulations, instructions, templates, reports, and other documents that new employees must become familiar with before starting their jobs. In this case, new employees learn by themselves without drawing more experienced employees away from their work.

Business promotion

A knowledge base can serve as a tool to promote and develop your business.

The knowledge base provides analytical and statistical reports that are based on data about its users’ actions. The data allows you to analyze the needs of your customers and develop strategies to satisfy them.

By developing high-quality knowledge base content and  keeping it up to date, you promote your product or service. If the content turns out to be useful to your clients, they will share the information with others, thereby increasing the number of visits to your site.

Article ID: 471
Last updated: 7 Dec, 2020
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