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Generate file from export template

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Last updated: 3 Feb, 2015

Once you have saved an export template, you can use it at any time to generate or regenerate a document. The new export takes the latest copy of each article from your knowledgebase.

  • Click on the Export menu
  • Click on the tab with the required export format to display the export templates you have for that format.
  • For the template you want to use, click the icon in the Action column. Then select Details.
  • In the Details screen you can review information about the template and, in the Downloads row, information about files it has been used to generate. This row has different sections depending on the export format:
    • Export KB to PDF - one section
    • Export KB to HTML - a section for single-file export and another for multiple file export.
    • Export Articles - up to three sections for Excel, CSV and XML export, depending on how the template is set up.
  • If articles have already been generated, you can click the file type to download them.
  • Click Generate for the format in which you want to generate or regenerate documents. If there is an export date, it updates to reflect the date and time of this export.. 
  • Click the file type to download the newly-generated documents.

This functionality works in version 4.0 and above

Article ID: 315
Last updated: 3 Feb, 2015
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