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[v4.5 and below] Change KBPublisher Look and Feel

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Last updated: 14 Nov, 2013

The template page

If you want to brand the knowledgebase so that it matches the rest of your website. For example, you can include your company logo and standard buttons on each knowledgebase page.

To create and use custom template:

  • Create an HTML page based on this example. Remember that you can add as much as you like around the various html tags, but you must include everything in the example file.
  • Upload the newly created page onto your server
  • Log on to the knowledgebase
  • Go the Admin area
  • Click on the Settings menu and choose the Public Area -> Common tab
  • In the Look & feel (format/template/style) section, change the Template Page To Load to the full server path to the template
    (e.g. /usr/www/html/ ..../your_template.html).


  • You must be an administrator to do this
  • If you prefer, you can set the Template Page to load field to the URL, i.e., rather than to the full server path, i.e. /usr/www/html/ ..../your_template.html, if your PHP installation allows it. (On some PHP installations this option is not allowed).
  • Using the URL for the template path ( cause extra lookups, which will may affect the performance a litte, hence we recommend that you use the server path name if you can.
  • If you need to execute php in your template, use the full URL for the template path.

Changing associated CSS

When you modify KBPublisher to fit your site design, you will probably also need to change some css styles as well.

All cascading style sheets used in KB Publisher are in the kbp_directory/client/skin/ directory, where kbp_directory is the name the directory under which you installed KBPublisher.  Most styles for the public area are defined in kbp_directory/client/skin/common.css.

You are welcome to change these or to add your own. We do recommend, however, that you create a new style sheet and include a link to the new style sheet in your custom template to overwrite existing KBPublisher styles, rather than change common.css.

Article ID: 373
Last updated: 14 Nov, 2013
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