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Customizing Public Area

Article ID: 95
Last updated: 12 Jan, 2013

KBPublisher can be extensively customized and you can get some spectacular results if you want to design your own site.

The default format of the KBPublisher Public Area is:

KBPublisher quick add

  1. The standard header is controlled by the Header field.
    Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Header

You can:

  • Include the header by checking the Header field
  • Remove the Header by un-checking this field

If no header is assigned, a header is controlled by the Header title field,
Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Header title

  1. Likewise, the left menu is standard. The menu is controlled by the View Format field which is under Look & Feel,
    Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> View Format

The menu choices are either Browseable or Left Menu

  1. Directly under the header are menu options and a breadcrumb trail.

The menu options, which are extra links which can be included in the menu, are displayed first. For example, you might want to include a "Home" link if the knowledgebase is part of a larger site.

The menus are controlled by the Extra links in navigation field
Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> Extra items in navigation 

To include other links:

  • Add the title to be displayed on the page followed by a single pipe (|), then add the clickable URL
  • Additional links can be added separated by a double pipe (||)

Example: Home | http://www.yourhomepage.com || Support| http://www.yourhomepage.com/support.html
would display the following two links at the top of the page: "Home / Support".

The breadcrumb trail is displayed after any extra links. It reflects the article you are currently viewing in the knowledgebase.

  1. The News area of this page is optional.
    Settings -> Public Area -> Common -> News
  • Enable News Module controls whether or not news displays not on the Public Area home page
  • Number of news on index page sets how many news items are displayed
  • Display 'News' link in menu determines whether or not there is a menu option for news
  1. This area will changed depending on "View Format". The main page will display knowledgebase categories, the most recent and the most popular articles.
    Public Area -> Articles -> Recent articles, Public Area -> Articles -> Most viewed articles and Public Area -> Articles -> Category columns settings
Article ID: 95
Last updated: 12 Jan, 2013
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