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Enable Exporting to PDF

Article ID: 303
Last updated: 21 Sep, 2015

To export multiple articles to PDF or HTML files you need to:

  • Install a program called HTMLDOC
  • Ensure Settings points to where you installed it
  • Ensure that PHP has access to your HTMLDOC directory. (Check your open_basedir PHP setting in php.ini)
  • Ensure that PHP can run the proc_open function. (Check your disable_functionssafe_mode_exec_dir PHP settings in php.ini)
  • Buy the export plugin  or try it in Demo mode
  • Add the plugin key to your KBPublisher settings


Note: At this time there is no commercial support for the HTMLDOC. The windows binaries can be found here.

Update the setting to point to HTMLDOC

Once you have installed HTMLDOC, you also need to set the correct path it in the Settings.

  • You can find this under Settings menu, Settings -> Plugins -> HTMLDOC installation path
  • Make sure the HTMLDOC installation path points to the directory where you installed HTMLDOC. For example: /usr/local/bin/.
  • When you click "Save", test HTML file will be parsed and error occurs if it failed. 

Buy the plugin

Export functionality is not available with the default KBPublisher package. You must purchase it separately.
Please see this article how to buy the plugin.

Add the plugin key to KBPublisher

You should have received an email with you plug-in key. If you can't find the email,
you can also get this from the My Licenses tab in your client area on the KBPublisher website.  

  • Copy the license key from your client area or the email
  • Log on to your knowledgebase
  • Go to the Admin Area
  • Click on the Settings menu
  • Click on the Plugins tab
  • Paste your key into the Plugin key field
  • Save.

Test HTMLDOC from command line

To convert a single web page type:

$ /path_to_htmldoc/htmldoc --webpage -f output.pdf filename.html

Test using PHP and included test file:

$ cd /path/to/kbp_directory 
$ php -r "system('/ path_to_htmldoc/htmldoc --webpage -f output.pdf admin/extra/plugin/export/template/export_test.html');"


  • If you want to try the export plugin before you buy, use demo mode to get an idea of how it works.

This functionality works in version 4.0 and above

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Article ID: 303
Last updated: 21 Sep, 2015
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