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The Plugins tab explained

Article ID: 319
Last updated: 08 Jul, 2012

The Plugins screen explained

This screen allows controls add-on software (plugins) that you can purchase to enhance KBPublisher functiontionality.

KBPublisher Files tab

  1. The filter field lets you filter on files on this screen. This is a standard field. We use it on all of the Settings screens as some of them are long. Here, you probably won't use the filter field at all, at least not until we have a few more plugins.

  2. For release 4.0, the only plugin available is the file export facility, which allows you to create PDF and HTML documents from your articles.

  3. Plug-ins are purchased separately to KBPublisher itself. You need a plugin key for them to work. You can download this from your Client Area at KBPublisher.
  • If you have a licensed version of KBPublisher, then you must have a valid key for the plugin to work.
  • If you are running the demo version, type demo here. We let you try it with the demo to see how the system works. Note that demo documents have a 'trial' watermark on each page.
  1. To produce PDFs and HTML pages, you need to install a program called HTMLDOC. The HTMLDOC installation path lists where this program is installed. If you're not sure of the format of the path, see How can I find my full server path?

    If you you're not using this plugin, set this to off
  2. Set the default text font for the text in the document by choosing a font face from the drop-down list.

  3. Set the default font size by typing the size, in points.
  4. Allow category exporting allows users to generate PDFs from the Public Area.

  5. Save obviously saves your changes, while Set Defaults restores everything on this screen back to the default values that were shipped with KBPublisher.

This functionality works in version 4.0 and above

Article ID: 319
Last updated: 08 Jul, 2012
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