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Create new user privilege

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Last updated: 1 Dec, 2010

Privileges control what a user can do on the system. There are five default privilege groups, but you can also create your own.
You must have administrator access to create new privileges.

To create a new privilege group:

  • Click on Users
  • Choose the Privileges tab
  • Click Add New

Complete the following:

  • Title is compulsory
  • Privilege level is also compulsory. This controls user security. Users cannot edit users with a privilege level less than their own, even if the access settings allow them to edit users.
  • Check privileges as required. A user will be able to do anything that is checked.
    The privilege screen explained tells you how each of the options work.

You may also wish to:

  • Add a description to explain why this group has been set up and how it should be used
  • Prevent users in this group from logging on by making the group inactive.
Article ID: 26
Last updated: 1 Dec, 2010
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