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How can I set KBPublisher to use SSL?

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Last updated: 8 Jan, 2024

You can set KBPublisher to use secure socket layers (SSL) for the whole site or for key functions. SSL is a security measure that establishes an encrypted link between the server and the client computer trying to access it. This protects data being sent in either direction (uploaded or downloaded) from being stolen by a hacker or a malicious program. When you see the URL (web address) of a site or application beginning "https:" instead of "http:", SSL is active for that URL.

When SSL is enabled and someone tries to access your knowledgebase using a URL beginning "http:", KBPublisher automatially changes the address to use the encoded "https:" address.

To enable SSL for KBPublisher

  1. Make sure your web server is configured to work with SSL.
  2. Edit the file kbp_dir/admin/, updating the variables according to the options below:


To enable SSL for your knowledgebase, set one or both of these variables in to "1":

  • $conf['ssl_admin'] - controls SSL for the admin area
  • $conf['ssl_client'] - controls SSL for the public area

Set the variable to "0" to turn SSL off for that area.

Using a custom port

By default, KBPublisher uses port 443 for SSL. You can specify a different port number by replacing "1" with the port number. If you want to use port 55, set ssl_admin or ssl_client like this:

  • $conf['ssl_admin'] = 55

Example Configurations

The Admin area and the Public area use SSL:

  • $conf['ssl_admin'] = 1;
  • $conf['ssl_client'] = 1;

The Admin area uses SSL, but the Public area does not use SSL:

  • $conf['ssl_admin'] = 1;
  • $conf['ssl_client'] = 0;

The Admin area and the Public area use SSL through port 55:

  • $conf['ssl_admin'] = 55;
  • $conf['ssl_client'] = 55;

Fixing too many redirects issue

In some cases when everything adjusted correctly your may have "Too many redirects ..." error.
Try add below line to file /kbp_dir/admin/

  • $conf['ssl_skip_redirect'] = 1;
Article ID: 410
Last updated: 8 Jan, 2024
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