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Use "Duplicate" to quickly create articles from a template

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Last updated: 23 Dec, 2019

Often you find you want to create a number of similar articles. Articles that are placed in the same category(s), that have the same roles assigned, the same formatting, and so on. Creating these from scratch is tedious, and you may forget to set some information.

There's a quick way to do this. Create a basic article template, and then use Duplicate to create each article.

To create the basic template:

  • Add a new article
  • Set this up with the formatting you want and assign all other required information such as categories and roles
  • Save it, but do not publish it -- set the status to "Draft", for example.

To use the template:

  • In article listing click Duplicate for the you want to clone
  • Change the title, content and meta information
  • When you are ready to save, click Save
That's it! Now you have a new article based on the template, and your template stays untouched and ready for further use
You may want to create a special status such as "Template" for the master articles. Or you could place them in a special category.
Article ID: 233
Last updated: 23 Dec, 2019
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