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Manage Drafts

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Last updated: 27 Jun, 2019

To manage existing drafts or create a new one, select Articles or Files from the main menu and select the Drafts tab:

The tab lists all existing drafts. If the list is long, use the filter fields above the list to show just the drafts of a particular status, or the drafts with a certain word in their titles.

The Status column shows a color for each draft to indicate its status:

  • gray = in progress
  • yellow = waiting for approval
  • red = rejected
  • green = approved
  • blue = completed (not required approval)

Click the actions icon in the Action column for a draft to perform one of these actions:

For drafts of articles:

  • Approve - Appears if draft requires approval and you are an assignee (are allowed to approve or reject the draft).
  • Preview - Display a preview of the draft to review.
  • Details - Display details about the darft.
  • Edit - Open the draft for editing.
  • Delete - Delete the draft.

For drafts of files some extra options available:

  • Open - Open the file in a browser if possible.
  • Download - Download the file to a location on your computer.

Adding a draft

To add a draft of an article or file, click Add new on the relevant tab and complete the form that appears.

  • For a description of the form for adding a draft of an article, see Add an article.
  • For a description of the form for adding a draft of a file, see Add a file.

Approve a draft

If you are an assignee for a draft in its current workflow step you can

  • approve the draft as-is and either publish it or move it to the next workflow step.
  • edit the draft and save your changes before approving it, as in the previous option.
  • reject the draft so it returns to the author for further edits. 
Article ID: 421
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2019
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