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Track emails

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Last updated: 27 Feb, 2011

To track what emails have been sent, and whether they succeeded or failed:

  • Log in to the Admin Area
  • Click on the Logs menu
  • Click on the Mail Pool tab

KBPublisher mail pool log

The information displayed on this screen shows:

  • Date and time the mail was created 
  • Date and time it was sent (or tried to be sent) 
  • Type of mail it was
  • How many times the system tried to send the mail 
  • Whether or not the send was successful
  • The full log details. These are the details summarized on the mail pool tab, plus the contents of the mail that was sent/tried to be sent. 

Note: You must have administrator privileges to see mail log details.

This functionality works in version 4.0 and above

Article ID: 317
Last updated: 27 Feb, 2011
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