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Track user logins

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Last updated: 5 May, 2021

To track which users have logged in, and any bad logins:

  • Log in to the Admin Area
  • Click on the Logs menu
  • Click on the Logins tab

The information displayed on this screen shows:

  • Date and time user last logged in
  • User ID and username
  • IP address they logged in from
  • Type of login. Login types can be 'local', which is a standard login, 'remote', which is when the user logs in using remote authentication, and 'login as other user', which is when someone with access logs in as another user to test changes they have made
  • Whether or not the login was successful
  • The full log details. If the login was successful, the full log details are pretty that summarized on the logins tab. If the login was not successful, the full log details add extra information about why the login failed.

Note: You must have administrator privileges to see login details.

Remote authentication logins

For remote authentication every last login is logged to a file called last_remote_login.log in the KBPublisher cache directory ($conf['cache_dir'] in file kb/admin/
For example: /home/username/kb_cache/last_remote_login.log.

This functionality works in version 3.5 and above

Article ID: 268
Last updated: 5 May, 2021
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