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Track scheduled tasks

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Last updated: 08 Feb, 2010

To track whether a scheduled task has happened as expected, what the scheduled task did, and whether there were any errors:

  • Log in to the Admin Area
  • Click on the Logs menu
  • Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab

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The information displayed on this screen shows:

  • The scheduled task -- frequently, hourly, daily, monthly and weekly -- in the range column
  • The time it was last executed
  • Whether or not the task had errored (is error)
  • A link to the output of the most recent scheduled task of this type. Click on view to see full details
  • A link to all stored logs for tasks of this type (action). Click on the curved arrow in the Action column to bring up a full list of logs for this scheduled task.

Note: You must have administrator privileges to see the log details.

This functionality works in version 3.5 and above

Article ID: 267
Last updated: 08 Feb, 2010
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