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Add a new custom field range

Article ID: 343
Last updated: 27 Oct, 2014

What is a custom field range

A range is a list of valid values that you can use in your custom fields.  

Once you have set up a range you can re-use it as many times as you like.  For example, one time you might have it as a drop-down option in an article category, another time you might include it as a radio button list in the news area.

Create the range 

  • Click on Settings menu
  • Select the Custom Fields page
  • Choose Ranges tab
  • Add New
  • Add an appropriate name to the Title field, for example, Department.
  • We recommend that you add an appropriate description as well.
  • Click Save.
    This adds the field and sets up ready to add each of the values.  Then, for each valid value you wish to add:
    • Add the name of the value in the Title field
    • Add a number in the Order field to show where it will be placed in the list.  By default this is numbered sequentially in the order that you add them
    • Save if you wish to add another valid value.

Bulk actions available depend on your user access.
For example if your privilege does not allow you to delete items, or allows you to only delete articles that you have created, then there is no 'Delete' action in the list of options. If your privilege does not allow you to update items, or allows you to only update items you have created, then this menu will not be available for you at all.

Article ID: 343
Last updated: 27 Oct, 2014
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