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How can I sort categories?

Article ID: 228
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2015

You must be in the Admin area.

  • From the Articles menu choose Categories

Option 1 (in version 5.5 and above)

  • Click the button with three dots [] on the right,  then from the drop-down list select Reorder or Reorder child categories or
    click Reorder child categories from the options drop down menu under Actions
  • You can now change the order of categories, dragging them up and down
  • Click Save to apply the changes


  • Only categories on the same level of hierarchy can be reordered simultaneously

Option 2

  • Select the category that you want to start the sort on from the drop-down list of categories. (If you wish to sort on all categories, you don't need to do this as all categories are displayed when you enter the screen)
  • From the Actions with Selected drop-down list at the bottom of the screen, select Sort Categories
  • Select each category you wish to re-order by clicking in the checkbox to the left of each category. If you wish to reorder all categories, click in the checkbox at the top of the list, to the left of the ID field, to select all items in the list
  • Order the entries by typing sequence numbers into the Order column
  • Click OK to save the new order


  • The new order will be applied to items with checkbox selected
  • For each sub-category, the order starts from 1
  • If you can't see the Actions with Selected drop-down list on the bottom of the page then you do not have enough privileges for this.
Article ID: 228
Last updated: 14 Oct, 2015
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