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Searching for Articles

Article ID: 190
Last updated: 11 Jan, 2013

You can browse for articles by clicking on category headings and then selecting the article title, or you can search for articles using the search tool.

Searching the knowledgebase is easy and powerful.

Search functionality is provided by MySQL full-text searching. This is a natural language search that allows you to type in a question or sentence that describes the information you are searching. The program uses logic to determine the keywords in the sentence.

Search allows you to search for the title of the article, for text within the article, for any meta information such as keywords and for the article ID. The advanced search allows you to further refine your search to a specific article type or category.

If you still cannot find the information, KBPublisher has a feature whereby you can ask a question. As you type the question, KBPublisher will display articles that might answer your question. If you still can't find an answer in that list, click OK to email your question to the knowledgebase administrator. Questions can be targeted too, so that a specific questions will be sent to different users in your knowledgebase.

Article ID: 190
Last updated: 11 Jan, 2013
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