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The Views Report Explained

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Last updated: 30 Jul, 2019

The Views Report lets you review how often visitors are looking at each of your articles or documents.

The main display shows you, for each document:

  • the document's ID
  • the title
  • the number of views (or "hits") the document has had in the current time span
  • what percentage of all views that number represents (in the "Rate" column)

If there are a lot of entries, the list at the right is broken up into pages, with the number of entries displayed at the top left. Use the navigation options at the top right to move through the list.

You can filter the display to simplify finding what you want. The Report Filter is on the left of the screen, and you can use one or all of these filter conditions:

  • Type -- Choose from the available options: Article Views, File Downloads, or News Views.
  • Period -- Choose a time period such as "This Week". If you choose "Custom", fields appear where you specify the start and end dates for the custom period.
  • Limit -- Indicate how many entries to display. If you select "__", KBPublisher displays all entries for the type you selected.
  • Category -- Choose a category to only display items from that category. Check the checkbox to the right of the field to also display entries in sub-categories of the category you selected.
  • Entry ID -- You can enter one or more document IDs, if you know them, to restrict the display to those documents only. If you enter multiple IDs, separate them with commas (like "22, 40, 104, 10021").

Click OK to display filtered search results. If there are no results, your search may be too restrictive: remove or relax one filter and click OK again.

To see details about one document use, you can click its title.

The Details appears. This view has a space for a chart at the top, a table and an export button.

Details View

The details view can display a chart of document use, and has a table to report on daily use and a button to export the information.


A chart of document views can help you analyze viewing and use patterns over time. You can display the information about the selected document or documents as a Line, Bar, or Pie chart; or you can opt to have no chart:


The table shows the number of views for the selected document for each day in the selected period. Sundays appear in red so you can quickly see week-by-week information.

Export button

You can export the views data for the documents you selected. See Export Reports.

To return to the full list of documents, locate the "breadcrumbs" entry at the top of the display. Click either Article Views or Filtered views to close the details view.

Note:  Report functionality only works when scheduled tasks are turned on

Article ID: 403
Last updated: 30 Jul, 2019
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