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#1  kristau | 28 Mar, 2008 01:34 PM
Missing from these instructions is the following very important settings change in admin/

$conf['allow_setup'] = 0;

This disables the setup wizard.
Posted: 10 years 10 months ago  
#2  blongo | 03 Apr, 2008 12:04 PM
Thanks kristau, that helped me out.
Posted: 10 years 10 months ago  
#3  eddy | 14 Dec, 2010 04:03 PM
I have wamp server installed under c:\wamp, so the root must be C:\wamp\www. I copied the KBP directory under this folder, but still not able to start the install wizard.
i can see the project folder on my local host webpage, clicking on it opens the index file under: http://localhost/kbp_352_trial/setup/index.php. but nothing is happening, only a white page.
can some body help please?

thanks in advance
Posted: 8 years 2 months ago  
#4  onesign | 14 Dec, 2010 04:40 PM
Most likely it is IonCube issue. Did you install IonCube?
Please see this article
Posted: 8 years 2 months ago