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KBPublisher v3.5 Release Notes

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Last updated: 19 Dec, 2012

We are proud to announce that the latest version of KBPublisher (v3.5) is now available.
It's bigger and better than ever. We have added more features and made it easier to use.

New modules and features: 


  • Add news to your knowledgebase with our new News functionality
  • Users can subscribe to news and receive updates when news is added


  • We have implemented new reporting functionality.  You can now get statistics on:
    Articles viewed, Files downloaded, Logins, Registrations, Comments, Feedbacks
    New Articles, New Files, Updated Articles, Updated Files
  • You can export the results to csv, xml or Excel

Scheduled Items

  • Any news, article or file can be scheduled to be published or hidden on a future date


  • Users can subscribe to individual items of news, articles or files, or to a whole article category or file category
  • Subscription allows them to receive updates when the news/article/file/category items are changed

Comments  for negative rating

  • In the Public Area visitors can add comments when they add a negative rating for an article


  • A Logs area allows you to see users which users have logged in, and when
  • You can also view log details for scheduled tasks

Improved items:

Improved search

  • Search in the Public area now searches all the knowledgebase by default (articles, files and news)
  • Advanced search allows you to choose where and how to search

Extra article functionality

  • A new 'private write' option means that you can assign editing an article to a specific role, and still let all users read it
  • We have cleaned up the Add Article screen and separated it into a Main tab and an Advanced tab.
    The Main tab contains the commonly edited information, the Advanced tab allows you to set advanced settings such as sort order and external links.
  • Assigning categories is easier.
    We have added a pop-up window with a quick search filter that makes it easy to assign one or more categories to the article.
    There is no longer any need to set up mirror categories, so there will be no more accidentally clicking or un-clicking the wrong category listing.
    Bulk updates allow you to quickly add new categories to one or more articles, or to move them to a different category
  • Linking articles can now be one-way or two-way.
    Prior to this, when you added a link to another article, a link was automatically added to the second article pointing back to the first. The new Cross Reference checkbox allows you to choose whether you want it both ways or just the one
  • Keywords and description meta-tags can now be added via quick edit. This means that all searchable fields can be updated in Quick Edit.
  • A new Add Article button allows users (with add privileges) to add articles direct from the Public area
  • A new article lock warns you when an article you are about to edit is being edited by someone else
  • The detailed article block in the Public area now shows whether an article is private or public
  • A new Category Listing link in the Public area so that you can view a list of articles in the same category as the one you were viewing.
    This will allow you to apply bulk actions more easily.

Extra file functionality

  • The new Categories pop-up window makes assigning categories easier
  • A new bulk action has been added to files and file categories to reparse selected files to extract text and/or update file size
  • User information about files is provided as a tool-tip and in edit view
  • When files are deleted KBPublisher tells you which articles the files are linked to, and forces you to remove the links in the article before you can delete the file

Extra comments functionality

  • Authorized users can now edit and delete comments in the public area
  • In the Admin area you can now view comments for a specific article
  • In the Admin area comments now link back to the associated article in the Public area so you can easily see the article the comments relate to

Better user experience

  • Email to a friend now accepts multiple email addresses
  • A new login as user option allows users to switch to a user with different privileges so that they can see how their changes will look to other users
  • Users can now set their own parameters for width of the article, the number of records displayed per page and the article sort order
  • Each article is now available as a PDF document

Extra user information

  • You can now see when a user last logged on
  • A user statistics summary is displayed on the Admin home page

Extra security

  • A new privilege level allows you to limit what users can do to other users
    Privilege levels start at 1, for system administrators, and go up. A user cannot update/delete a user with a privilege level lower than his own.
    Please note: all existing KBPublisher users should check their user privileges once they install version 3.5, to ensure that the privilege levels are set correctly.
  • Custom SSL pages/views in Client Area.
    Data sensitive pages such as login, registering, and restore password can work with Secure HTTP connection (https) while others pages will work without SSL encryption
  • SMTP secure option added for email settings. This will allow you to use SMTP over SSL and TSL.


  • Tool-tips are now generated with the size of page in mind and if the tool-tip has a link it won't be hidden when you hover the mouse over it
  • Links in inline related private articles or in articles that do not exist will be removed from articles
  • A new Top Category -> Tree Menu allows you to display your menu as a tree for top level category
  • A new category type, Interactive FAQ, with a Javascript "Expand/Collapse" effect


  • Fixed problem where "User Active" checkbox worked incorrectly in user status list settings
  • Fixed problem where an error was received when a user selected a category they were not allowed to edit
  • Fixed issue where glossary only displayed the first word when two glossary items on the same page contained the same word
  • Fixed issue with user privileges which allowed a user to use bulk actions to update items to a privilege they did not have access to
  • Fixed the problem where the "allowed extension" message in the contact form overlapped with the button in some browsers
  • Fixed error that occurred when sorting roles by number of users
  • Fixed incorrect Prev link in Prev & Next navigation
  • Fixed issue where the character set did not display correctly on the the Success page for some languages
  • Fixed the problem where the file type was sometimes not recognized correctly when downloading a file
  • Fixed issue where the wrong icon was shown for files with an upper case extension.


Instructions for upgrading your current version can be found here.
Please do not use option 3 for the upgrade (replacing modified files only).

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Last updated: 19 Dec, 2012
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